Data Insights: Setting the Data Strategy How to build a data-first culture

Every organisation is different when it comes to building a data strategy, but by laying foundations that will foster a data-first culture we can place innovation at the heart of our decision making.

Regardless of whether you are management or technical staff, whether you have been on a data journey for a while, are just starting down the data path or are somewhere in the middle, this session is for you!

We were joined on 10th June by Microsoft UK to explore the importance of building a data-first culture and the approaches that will best deliver insights to all levels of your organisation.


Welcome & Introduction | Steve Caughey, Director, National Innovation Centre for Data

Key note from Microsoft | The Importance of a data-first culture | Sophie Gray, Director of Data & AI (Microsoft Azure, Customer Success), Microsoft UK

Fireside chat | Practical Approaches to building a data-first culture | Sophie Gray with Professor Andy Pardoe, Founder & Group CEO of Wisdom Works Group

Q&A | Steve Caughey (Chair), Sophie Gray, Professor Andy Pardoe

Wrap Up | Steve Caughey, Director, NICD


Featured Speakers


Sophie Gray, Microsoft UK

Sophie is Director of Data & AI within Microsoft Azure's Customer Success unit, and joined us as our keynote speaker to discuss “The importance of a data-first culture.”

Studies have shown that when organisations embrace a data-driven culture, they can generate over three times more revenue and gain a four-fold boost in customer satisfaction.

Sophie talked about why you should be embracing a data-first culture within your organisation as well as the challenges to overcome and explored proven approaches that all organisations can adopt to start their journey in this space.

Fireside Chat

Professor Andy Pardoe

Sophie Gray was joined by Professor Andy Pardoe, Founder & Group CEO of Wisdom Works Group, for a fireside chat "Practical Approaches to building a data-first culture" where they dived deeper into a practical approach including the steps that we can all take to encourage a data-first culture to flourish in our teams and organisations. They further explored the challenges and opportunities to be aware of when building a data-first culture.

Professor Pardoe brought industry perspective to the discussion as an experienced CTO and CEO working across a number of industry sectors including Financial Services, Retail and Media. He has over 20 years expertise of global change programmes delivering complex technical transformations including Enterprise Scaled AI delivery and commercialisation.

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