Data Insights: Technology Choices with Altair

Choosing the right technology for your organisation is a crucial step in the journey towards data innovation. And with so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to know which technology is the right one for what you’re trying to achieve. Aimed at technical staff, our Technology Choices themed events will demo a range of technical solutions to a variety of problems, such as Data Visualisation, Data Analytics and Data Cleaning.

We were joined on May 10th by Altair, a global technology company aiming to transform customer decision-making with a unique blend of data analytics, simulation and high-performance computing.

Altair’s self-service data preparation, machine learning and streaming data visualisation solutions are designed to be code-free and code-friendly enabling everybody within an organisation to become more data-driven.


Welcome, Introduction & NICD Overview | Steve Caughey, Director, NICD

Key note from Altair | Democratisation of Data | Sean Lang, Data Science Strategist, Altair

Use Case Deep Dive | Sean Lang, Data Science Strategist, Altair

Panel Q&A | Steve Caughey (Chair), Sean Lang, Marco Fliesser

Technical Workshop | Marco Fliesser, Technical Director Data Analytics EMEA, Altair

Wrap Up | Steve Caughey, Director, NICD


Featured Speakers

Keynote: Sean Lang

Sean Lang, Data Science Strategist at Altair, joined us as our Keynote speaker. His talk ‘Democratisation of Data’ was followed by a use case deep dive illustrating the effectiveness of Altair technology solutions through client stories.

Sean’s current role is to educate colleagues and clients on the convergence between engineering, simulation and data science. From his background at both Altair and Kx Systems, He is accustomed to implementing complex data analytics software amongst some of the UK’s leading banks, automotive, retail and engineering firms.

Sean is passionate about championing data literacy and data democratisation throughout the enterprise and believes in a future where everybody can consider themselves a data scientist.

Technical Workshop: Marco Fliesser

Our Technical Workshop was delivered by Marco Fliesser, Technical Director Data Analytics EMEA, Altair.

With a strong background in data science, engineering and manufacturing, Marco is passionate about working with clients on innovative projects to converge these fields. He is responsible for leading the European team of Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Visualization experts at Altair in using data-driven methodologies for product development processes. Since 2015, Marco has been a regular guest lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences FH-Joanneum in Graz, Austria.

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