National Innovation Centre for Data showcase at Newcastle Careers Fair



I. My Future, My Choice

The National Innovation Centre for Data (NICD) proudly participated in this year's My Future My Choice event, held on the 30th of January 2024, at the iconic St James’ Park.

As part of our ongoing commitment to inspire and educate the next generation of data scientists and innovators, our presence at the event showcased our outreach and engagement efforts. 

This year's careers fair, organised by Newcastle City Council, was an enormous success, welcoming schools, colleges, universities, and numerous organisations across several sectors. The National Innovation Centre for Data was thrilled to contribute to an event that drew over 100 stall holders, including a diverse range of employers, educational and training providers, all aimed at guiding young individuals through their career choices. 


II. Engaging the workforce of tomorrow

Our stand at the Engineering zone highlighted the exciting opportunities within the data science and technology sectors, focusing on degree apprenticeships and future work experience programs.  

The National Innovation Centre for Data is passionate about opening doors for young minds interested in data scienc
e, offering a glimpse into the innovative world where data transforms industries and societies. 




III. Outreach and school engagement

The fair was not only a platform for us to engage with potential future data scientists but also an opportunity to formalise our plans for a comprehensive work experience program.  

The National Innovation Centre for Data is in the preliminary stages of rolling out a structured program to be delivered next year aimed at students aged 16+ with an initial intake of two to three students. This will provide valuable hands-on experience in the field of data science and technology. 

Our discussions at the fair centred around the creation of work experience windows in April or July, laying the groundwork for what we anticipate will be a highly sought-after program for students interested in pursuing careers in this rapidly evolving sector. 


IV. Collaboration and future initiatives

The event also allowed us to strengthen our ties with organisations like the Newcastle United Foundation and explore future collaborative efforts.

As we look ahead, the National Innovation Centre for Data is excited to formalise these initiatives, further contributing to our mission of fostering innovation and developing the skills of future data professionals. 


“These kinds of Careers events are ideal for those students who are unsure of their next step, or wanting to find out more about a particular industry.

There's a huge skills shortage in data science and AI that's holding back the UK economy and society, and so part of our role as the National Innovation Centre for Data is to encourage students to consider careers in these exciting new industries."

Professor Paul Watson, Director of the National Innovation Centre for Data.


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