Watch our Director Prof. Paul Watson's recent Insights Public Lecture on AI and data science

Our Director Professor Paul Watson delivered a lecture, AI and Data Science: Opportunities and Threats, on Thursday 4th May from the Curtis Auditorium at the Herschel Building, Newcastle University as part of the University's Insights Public Lecture programme. Please see the below summary:

"Vast amounts of data are being generated in every aspect of our lives, and in every area of industry. But how can we use this data to improve the economy and society for everyone's benefit? AI and data science are increasingly proposed as ways to achieve this, but what are they, and what are their strengths and limitations? This talk will introduce AI and data science, giving real-world examples of the opportunities and threats that they bring with them."

Don't worry if you missed the lecture, however - you can now watch the full recording via the link above!


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