Setting the Data Strategy with NICD and Microsoft

Developing and implementing an effective Data Strategy is an essential step for any organisation looking to innovate. However, even though management may be committed to making progress, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Data Governance is the foundation that enables organisations to manage their data as a strategic asset. Solid governance will provide a springboard for opportunities. We were joined by Microsoft UK on 30th March to hear insights from them on how this can be put into practise.

This theme, aimed at both management and technical staff, will form a starting point from which to consider the importance of a data strategy and how to implement that strategy across an organisation.


Welcome, Introduction & NICD Overview | Steve Caughey, Director, NICD

Key note from Microsoft | Robin Sutara, Chief Data Officer, Microsoft UK

Fireside chat | Robin Sutara with Professor Andy Pardoe, Founder & Group CEO of Wisdom Works Group

Refreshment Break

Panel Q&A | Steve Caughey (Chair), Robin Sutara, Professor Andy Pardoe

Wrap Up | Steve Caughey, Director, NICD


Featured Speakers


Robin Sutara, Microsoft UK's Chief Data Officer, joined us as our Keynote speaker. The event also featured a fireside chat hosted by Robin Sutara with industry perspective from Professor Andy Pardoe, Founder & Group CEO of Wisdom Works Group.

Professor Pardoe is an experienced CTO and CEO working across a number of industry sectors including Financial Services, Retail and Media. He has over 20 years expertise of global change programmes delivering complex technical transformations including Enterprise Scaled AI delivery and commercialisation.

To conclude the webinar, NICD Director Steve Caughey led a panel discussion drawing on the experience of the panellists and audience to draw out key insights on the importance of data strategy and illustrate how a strategy can be implemented across an organisation.



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